Farm Animals

Our extensive range of services includes a 24 hour emergency service

Farm Animals

Our farm animal vets provide an extensive range of large services including a 24 hour emergency service.

We have on-site facilities for lambing sheep, caesarean sections, calf fluid therapy and fertility testing. Our in house laboratory has the latest diagnostic equipment delivering prompt results and enabling us to provide thorough advice to our clients.

  • Routine animal health care
  • Specific tailor made vaccination programmes
  • Herd and flock Health Plans and advice.
  • Nutrition management
  • BVD and Johnes testing
  • Bull and ram fertility testing and certification
  • Bull and ram vasectomies
  • Pregnancy ultrasound scanning
  • Fertility – Nutrition, synchronisation, etc.
  • Mastitis – Management and treatment
  • Lameness – Hoof health examinations and prevention plans
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • TB testing
  • Calf Health – scour, pneumonia, housing and feeding
  • We are also available to speak at group meetings on relevant topics
  • Pneumomentor, Mastimentor, Dairy Check and Mineralmentor programmes
    In association with XL Vets we can offer these programmes at competitive rates to monitor the risk of disease in your herd.

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